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Witches Brew Jello Shots for Halloween

Julie from Bread Booze Bacon used our Witches Brew Mulling Spice Cider Punch Mix to make Poison Apple Jello Shot Syringes. Just add a little whiskey to make this a grown-up Halloween treat.

2 Replies to “Witches Brew Jello Shots for Halloween”

  1. A friend gave me a package of your Manchego & Roasted Garlic Veggie Roaster and it is fantastic! We used it on cauliflower “steaks” as you suggested. It is a wonderful new way to prepare an old vegetable. I know whereof I speak, as I’m a Food/Wine/Travel Journalist, retired.

    1. Thanks Judy! If you like whipped potatoes, try the manchego seasoning in your recipe. It’s a tasty way to dress up traditional potatoes.

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