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Wendy’s June Favorites – Tuscan Garlic & Herb Chick’n Brine and Bake Kit

Picture of a Chick'n Brine & Bake Kit from Urban Accents

Wendy from Cook, Eat, Share compiled a list of her favorite things for the month of June. Urban Accents Tuscan Herb & Garlic Chick’n Brine and Bake Kit made the list! Read her review below.Tuscan Herb & Garlic Chick'n Brine and Bake Kit

I’m always looking for new ways to cook chicken, and this Urban Accents Chick’n Brine & Bake Kit is a winner! This three-step kit combines an overnight spice brine, herb-accented rub, and a crunchy crumb coating. The end result is baked chicken that’s crunchy outside, juicy and flavorful inside. Brine & Bake comes in both Tuscan Garlic & Herb and Nashville Hot & Spicy. Both flavors are bursting with flavor, but I especially loved the garlicky Tuscan Garlic & Herb. Simply combine the brine packet with water and marinate chicken pieces in the fridge overnight. When you’re ready to cook the chicken the next day, remove from the brine, add the spice rub, and sprinkle with the crumbs. Then bake. That’s it…so easy and so good! Urban Accents Brine & Bake kits can be found at select retailers nationwide.

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