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Urban Accents Creates Thanksgiving Line with Sur La Table

Urban Accents and Sur la Table: Creativity at the Holiday Table

One of the most rewarding aspects of our jobs is getting the opportunity to collaborate with our retail partners to create unique flavors. When Sur la Table came to us earlier this year wanting to expand their food offerings for the fall and holiday season, we jumped at the opportunity.

“Urban Accents is a dream to work with.  They’ve got their collective finger on the pulse of culinary trends making our jobs that much easier.”

–Sur La Table Merchandising

After researching flavor trends and discussing themes that Sur la Table would be showcasing in stores and online, our product development team got to work brainstorming, testing and tasting recipes. PUMPKIN SPICE. DIY BACON SEASONINGS. SALTED CARAMEL FLAPJACKS. CIDER BOURBON PUNCH. MUSHROOM TRUFFLE GRAVY. SPICED TURKEY BRINE. CHEDDAR CARAMEL POPCORN. HONEY VANILLA SWEET POTATOES. Just to name a few. Needless to say we gained a few pounds…but how can you pass up Thanksgiving dinner in springtime?

Once products were approved we moved into production at a breakneck pace. Sur la Table’s design team designed the look of the packaging and Urban Accents’ creative team brought the recipes to life in our photo studio. The result – the perfect storm of delicious, easy to make recipes in gorgeous packaging just begging to be picked up.

At at the filming

Be sure to check out all the Urban Accents products at Sur la Table stores nationwide or online at Sur La Table

“We love working with the team at Urban Accents because they bring efficiency, creativity and global flavors to life in such an approachable, easy to replicate way.”

–Sur La Table merchandising

A fun bonus during the project—Sur la Table wanted to feature Urban Accents in a video about our history and flavor creation process. Their film crew followed our team during brainstorming, production, cooking demos and talked to Jim and Tom about the background of developing the fall and holiday line. We couldn’t be happier with the result….watch the video!

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  1. I have always brined my turkeys the night before. I bought your product at Fresh Thyme that contained both the brine mix to mix with water and brine your turkey over night and the dry brine with the bag. I must say this was the best turkey I have ever made. I never used both the brines at one time and I will always use your brine from now on. Thank you.

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