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Feast for a few! With Urban Accents Gourmet Gobbler Brine Kit

Brined Turkey Breast

The holidays may be looking a little different this year, but Urban Accents still has your back this Thanksgiving!

Our Gourmet Gobbler Turkey Brine & Rub Kit (America’s #1 Brine Kit!) is still your secret weapon – even if you’re planning a smaller feast this year. Let us show you the many ways to create a feast for a few and still roast a centerpiece holiday bird!

Our brine kit works beautifully on these smaller options: 

  • Single boneless, skin-on turkey breast (available at the meat counter and natural grocers – appx 2.5 pounds. Feeds 2-4 people)
  • Double, bone-in, skin-on turkey breast (usually found frozen – appx 6-10 pounds. Feeds 6-8 people)
  • A whole chicken (available fresh or frozen year round – appx 4-5 pounds. Feeds 3-6 people)
  • Cornish Game Hens (usually found frozen- appx 2-3 pounds each. A great distancing option – each diner gets their own little bird.)
Urban Accents Turkey Brine & Rub Kit

Make sure the bird you choose is not already brined!

Most frozen birds and cuts found at the grocery store will be packed in a sodium solution. Do not brine these birds – they will be inedibly salty. Check the label! We have the best luck finding unbrined cuts in ‘natural’ retailers like Whole Foods.

We also love supporting our local butcher shops! If you are brining a smaller option this year, it is worth the splurge for high quality – we promise you can taste the difference!

Brining a smaller bird or cut is very similar to brining a large bird – you just need less brine. The strength of the brine will remain the same, but we’ll only make half the kit package instructions. Save the second half for a delicious January project! 

The following instructions are for brining a 2.5 pound single boneless turkey breast.

For anything under 12 pounds, use half the brine pouch and half the water listed in the package directions.

Inside the kit you’ll find a pouch of seasoned salt mixture labeled ‘BRINE’, a large brining bag (aka: an enormous ziploc), and a smaller pouch of dry seasoning. For the first step you only need the brine pouch and 16oz (2 cups) water.

Urban Accents Brine Kit Contents
Turkey Breast Brining Process

Combine half the Spiced Brine Blend (appx ¾ cup) with 2 cups water in a saucepan and bring to a simmer for 5 minutes. Remove from heat. In a larger container, combine the brine you just made with 1/2 gallon (8 cups) of cold water. If the brine is still hot, put it in the refrigerator until cool. Do not pour hot brine over your bird.

If you’re brining a single turkey breast or a roasting chicken, we recommend using a large stock pot for this entire process (simmer brine, add cool water to stockpot, cool, and add poultry). If you’re brining a bone-in double breast, or multiple cornish hens, we recommend using the brine bag. 

Place your bird or cut into the brine bag or other container (if using bag, set it in a baking dish or roasting pan for support). Pour cooled brine mixture over the bird. Add cold water, if needed, until the bird or cut is fully submerged. Seal bag and/or cover container. 

Refrigerate for 30 to 60min per pound.

For a 2.5pound boneless turkey breast, 3 hours does the trick. For cornish hens, brine for only 30-60 minutes total. 

Once brined, remove from solution and dry well with paper towels. Now you’re ready to roast!

Turkey Breast in Brine Bag


For the crispiest skin possible, place the brined bird on a rack set in a baking sheet, and allow to dry uncovered in the fridge overnight. Dry skin gets extra extra crispy!

When ready to bake, heat oven to 350° and line a sheet pan or large baking dish with aluminum foil. Place the turkey breast (or other option) in the middle. Drizzle with olive oil (appx 3 Tbsp for a single turkey breast) and sprinkle generously with the Smoky Peppercorn and Herb Rub (appx 2-3 Tbsp for a single turkey breast). Rub on all sides to distribute oil and seasoning evenly.

Oiling brined turkey breast.
Seasoning brined turkey breast.
Seasoned, brined turkey breast.

Place baking sheet or dish into the preheated oven and roast, uncovered, for 20 minutes per pound (appx 50 minutes for a 2.5 pound single turkey breast). If roasting a whole bird or larger cut, tent with foil for the first half of roasting to prevent over-browning.

Roast, uncovered, for 20min per pound.

Remove from the oven and tent with foil. Allow to rest for 5-10 minutes for a single breast or 10-15 minutes for a chicken or double breast. Slice or carve and serve on a bed of herbs or greens. Garnish with pomegranate seeds or cranberries.

Slicing brined turkey breast
Urban Accents Brine Kit Turkey Breast

No matter what your holiday looks like this year, we hope you enjoy the warmth and comfort of a delicious meal. We’ll be Zooming with family near and far and attending virtual toasts right there with you. We are extra extra thankful for you this year and always.

Happy Thanksgiving, Friends!

Urban Accents Brine Kit Turkey Breast

Checkout our Holiday Headquarters page for more great recipes, products, and holiday tips!

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    1. Charles , as turkeys and turkey sizes vary along with brine time – it isnt possisble for us to calculate the amount of sodium left in the bird after brining.

  1. You need to put the same text you have on your website on your brine box. It was not clear that you were supposed to use half the brine packet with HALF the liquid for a bird less than 12 lbs. Otherwise it looks like you use the same amount of water but only half the packet which would totally dilute the flavor. I would assume it’s ok to use half the amount (already made full amount) and freeze the rest?

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