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The Saucy Side of Urban Accents in Food Business News


Since launching two decades ago, Urban Accents’ portfolio has grown to more than 150 products, crafted in small batches and featuring unique flavor combinations and ingredients. Available in 3,500 stores across the country, the brand’s offerings range from flapjack and frittata mixes to brining kits and dry glazes to seasonings for popcorn, seafood, vegetables and pizza.

Now in its 20th year, Urban Accents is venturing into sauces. The company debuted its first ever simmer sauces at the Summer Fancy Food Show, held June 26-28 in New York. Varieties include pumpkin tagine, pumpkin mole and pumpkin curry.

“Pumpkin is a good cross-cultural ingredient,” Mr. Dygas said in an interview with Food Business News. “You can find it in Asian cooking and Middle Eastern cooking and obviously in Mexico. So we used that as a base, and then we infused some of our spices to create these interesting simmer sauces.”

Urban Accents also introduced three pizza sauces: fire roasted Arrabbiata, Chicago classic, and Manchego and garlic.

“A lot of our customers have pizza stones and pizza wheels, so we see this as a good complement for them,” Mr. Dygas said. “DIY pizza is going through the roof.”

Read the full article at Food Business News here.

4 Replies to “The Saucy Side of Urban Accents in Food Business News”

  1. Can you please tell me where I can purchase Moroccan Roast? I live in MCKINNEY, Texas 75070. I am 30 minutes from Dallas. Thank you!

  2. I was in penn yan ny a small rural community in central ny and i went to tomions produce stand which is awesome and they had your asian curry and honey beggie roaster … OMG it is absolutely deeelish!!! I have to go back and see what else they sell!!! And i will look at the atore locater to see if hopefully there is someplace else that aells more of yoir products!!! Wow i sooo happy!!! Thank you!!

  3. Oops i was in such a hurry to send i didnt proof my comment….it is the veggie roaster! Its a spice to add to veggies wow … The other goofs are pretty easy to figure out

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