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Caribbean Heat Grilled Pineapple

caribbean grilled pineapple
Caribbean Heat Grilled Pineapplejim dygasMarch 20, 2015

Spicy, sweet, tart & citrusy… it’s a dessert with ice cream or a spicy side for your grilled dinner – AWESOME!


8 servings
  • 1 whole pineapple
  • 1-2 Tbsp Urban Accents Cayman Citrus Dryglaze
  • juice of one orange
  • juice & zest of one lime


10 min
10 min
20 min



  1. Cut off top and bottom of pineapple. Cut down sides until all spikes and spines are removed. Lay the pineapple on its side and cut into 3/4 to 1-inch thick slices.
  2. In large glass or ceramic baking dish, combine orange juice, lime juice, zest and Cayman Citrus Dryglaze (start with 1 Tbsp, taste marinade and add more seasoning to match your own personal "spicy" preference).
  3. Add pineapple rings and toss gently to coat evenly. Let pineapple marinade for 15 min, flipping rings once or twice.
  4. Preheat grill or stovetop grill for medium-high heat.
  5. Grill pineapple rings on both sides to get slightly charred grill marks.
  6. Serve as a dessert with ice cream or as an accompaniment to grilled pork.

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