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Urban Accents Pumpkin Simmer Sauce Collection

Twenty years ago, when Tom first wanted to blend spices – we started a flavor journey that was uncharted for us. Spices were fairly easy to blend- getting the blend balanced and interesting is the hard part.  As we approached Urban Accent’s 20th anniversary- we felt we were up for a new challenge. We’ve always envisioned Urban Accents as a brand that can help people discover flavors across all cooking styles.  It’s taken about a year of development to introduce these cooking sauces.  Our new, naturally flavored, gluten free, Pumpkin Tagine, Mole and Curry simmer sauces are the perfect example of our lives colliding. Years ago we developed a Gotta Cook Tonight spice line- spices designed to help create complex main dishes with just a few ingredients.  The products did ok – but were generally competing with pouched sauces where you just need to add one ingredient for a complete meal solution. We designed the new simmer sauces with simplicity and bold flavor in mind. You just have to brown Chicken thighs or veggies and stir in the sauce for an utterly delicious complete main dish. Our existing spice blends propelled the new line through our product development process. For the culinary adventurous – we recommend using the sauces as a starting point…we’re finding ourselves throwing in chickpeas, butternut squash, cauliflower florets, fingerling potatoes, or kale.  They are such an amazing terra cotta colored stew, fresh garnishes such as mint on the curry, slivered almonds and sliced dates on the tagine and pumpkin pipits and cilantro on the mole – give another dimension of taste.


The January Fancy Food Show sponsored by the Specialty Food Association was the final test ground. The Urban team knew we had a hit but were all three Pumpkin Sauces going to be a hit? The first day we sampled the Pumpkin Curry – with its bright aroma proved to be magic- we received comments from buyers that they didn’t like curry but loved this sauce. Great results for the other two- but we did get a lot of “Mole” WHAT’S MOLE? Comments. Will Mole play in Peoria? We have no idea but we know we are so excited to share them you…you know you have something great on your hand when you crave them while writing a post!

Jim & Tom

2 Replies to “Whaaaaaaaaat? You’re doing sauces now?”

  1. Veryyyyy disappointed that I have not been able to locate/purchase the French onion soup mix after buying at bed bath &beyond. I guess you don’t make it as it is not listed on your website. If any left in back stock let me know

    1. Terrance – sorry but that product was discontinued years ago. check out our brand new dip line on the website in a couple of days. – some really great new flavors.

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