FABULOUS FOODIE ultimate gourmet spice collection gift set

FABULOUS FOODIE ultimate gourmet spice collection gift set


A Complete Culinary Library for your Kitchen

This is it! The ultimate spice collection of our most-loved, best selling 15 globally-inspired, all natural, versatile blended spices. Color-coded by World Flavor: American Adventures, Pan Asian Flavor, Global Exotics, Latin Heat and Old World Classics.

American Adventures — Inspired from flavors of the USA. Great for grilling, everyday favorites & comfort classics.

Old World Classics — Inspired from the flavors of Europe. Perfectly blended for delicious, rustic sauces, veggies and roasts.

Latin Heat — Inspired from the flavors of Spain, Mexico & the Caribbean. Smoky & fiery blends kick up the flavor of meats, seafood & veggies.

Global Exotics — Inspired from the flavors of the Middle East & India. Hearty, earthy & spicy flavors for soups, stews and slow-cooked meats.

Pan Asian Flavor — Inspired from the flavors of Asia & the Far East. Versatile and varied flavors with no MSG.

*selections may vary