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Italian cooking has become almost standard fare in America, but our Old World Roma seasoning blend is anything but average. It unleashes the flavor and aroma of fragrant oregano, basil, thyme, garlic and other herbs reminiscent of the most popular neighborhood trattorias in Rome.


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  • For your homemade pasta sauce or as a pizza sauce, use 2 Tbsp Roma per quart of sauce.
  • For grilling or roasting, use 1 Tbsp per pound of meat.
  • Great when sprinkled over chicken breasts with a touch of olive oil.
  • Sprinkle on oil-drizzled tomato halves and roast in a low-temperature oven; use as a side dish or as a base for homemade pasta sauces.
  • For “Italian” burgers, mix in ground beef and top grilled burgers with mozzarella or provolone.
Romescao Dip Recipe

Romesco Dip
Blend until smooth; 1 jar drained roasted red peppers, 2 T blend, 2 T chopped almonds, 1 crushed garlic clove, 1 t red wine vinegar & 1 T olive oil – serve with pita chips or warmed bread.


pita chips recipe

Italian Pita Chips
Cut pita bread into triangles; brush both sides with olive oil; sprinkle with blend; place on baking sheet & toast in oven until lightly browned.

mediterranean salad dressing Recipe

Easy Roma Dressing
Combine 2 T white balsamic vinegar, 5 T olive oil & 1 T blend – can be stored in an airtight container for up to 2 weeks.


Roasted Roma Tomatoes Recipe

Oven-Roasted Tomatoes
Cut plum tomatoes in half; drizzle with olive oil; sprinkle with blend & roast in 200F oven until shriveled – serve as side dish or as base for sauce.


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Ingredients: Oregano, Onion, Basil, Marjoram, Thyme, Rosemary, Red Bell Peppers, Garlic.

Nutritional Info: Serving size: 1/4 tsp (0.3g), Servings: 77, Amount per serving: Calories 0, Total Fat 0g (0%dv), Sodium 0mg (0%dv), Total Carbohydrates 0g (0%dv), Protein 0g. Not a significant source of Fat Calories, Saturated Fat, Trans Fat, Cholesterol, Fiber, Sugar, Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Iron and Calcium. Percent Daily Values (dv) are based on a 2,000 calorie diet.

Net Weight: .8oz (23g)

17 reviews for roma

  1. Avatar for Brett Widmann
    5 out of 5

    I love the Roma spices. We had pasta with sauce and it really put the flavor of the sauce over the top.

  2. Avatar for Brett Widmann
    5 out of 5

    Roma has been my favorite spice since I first learned of your company. I give it away as gifts a lot.

  3. Avatar for Brett Widmann
    5 out of 5

    I have been purchasing this blend for years now.

  4. Avatar for Brett Widmann
    5 out of 5

    Makes the meal great. Can smell it in the whole house.

  5. Avatar for Brett Widmann
    5 out of 5

    Excellent in pasta sauces and salad dressings.

  6. Avatar for Brett Widmann
    5 out of 5

    Your shipping and handling costs are truly outrageous. It hinders purchasing the products. I would probably buy more if I didn’t have to pay such exorbitant charges.

  7. Avatar for Brett Widmann
    5 out of 5

    Love this. Great for dry rub ribs.

  8. Avatar for Brett Widmann
    5 out of 5

    My go to Italian seasoning — love it!

  9. Avatar for Brett Widmann
    5 out of 5

    I love adding this to hamburger meat as a seasoning.

  10. Avatar for Brett Widmann
    5 out of 5

    get your product into more stores!

  11. Avatar for Brett Widmann
    5 out of 5

    Great blend, house smells so fragrant and punches my meals up a degree or two.

  12. Avatar for Brett Widmann
    4 out of 5

    I was not ever going to buy the Roma again even thought it has been my favorite blend for years. The fact that it cost $9 per jar in the past and $9 shipping was ridiculous. When grocery stores stopped carrying it buying it online was not an option. I spoke with a customer service rep. last year and she basically said too bad. I’m glad you had a sale.

  13. Avatar for Brett Widmann
    5 out of 5

    Great accompaniments to olive oil to dip a good loaf of Italian bread

  14. Avatar for Brett Widmann
    5 out of 5

    I love Roma. It adds so much flavor to everything from homemade pasta sauce to frozen pizzas. It’s a versatile spice I use for so many things. I always have a spare bottle because I can’t stand to run out of it. It’s my favorite Urban Accents spice.

  15. Avatar for Brett Widmann
    5 out of 5

    Perfect for so many dishes, don’t limit yourself to just Italian! I use this almost daily.

  16. Avatar for Brett Widmann
    5 out of 5

    This is a great seasoning that can be used on so many things. Makes food taste so much better.

  17. Avatar for Brett Widmann
    5 out of 5

    I have been using this product for the last couple of years. I first purchased it at a local store and when I recently returned to buy more, all that was on the shelf was expired! Anyway, love Urban Accents and especially this product. I use it in many dishes. I really “Can’t Live Without It!”

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