pumpkin tagine simmer sauce
pumpkin tagine simmer sauce
Urban Accents Moroccan Apricot Pumpkin Tagine
Moroccan Apricot Tagine Chicken Wings
Moroccan Apricot Tagine Pita Sandwich
Urban Accents Pumpkin Simmer Sauce Collection

pumpkin tagine simmer sauce


Pumpkin lovers craving a warm, comforting dish will love our new Pumpkin Simmer Sauces – global spices combined with pumpkin and other natural ingredients to create savory starters for an easy 30 minute one-pot meal – just add chicken or veggies!

Moroccan Apricot Pumpkin Tagine is a North African stew combining coriander, cinnamon, cardamom, red pepper and cloves with a pumpkin base.


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