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fisherman’s wharf


Our savory seafood seasoning blend of herbs and spices has a lemon and pepper base that is coarsely ground with flake salt, green onions, garlic and parsley.

We originally designed it for seafood… then discovered it was awesome on veggies, eggs and poultry.


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  • Pairs well with Butter and Olive Oil for Seafood
  • Use it everyday as as replacement for salt and pepper. 
  • Try it on cottage cheese for a healthier snack.
  • Scrambled eggs and omelets get complex flavor from Fisherman’s Wharf
Fisherman's Wharf crudite recipe

Herbed Crudité
Sprinkle blend over cut carrots, celery, green onions, cucumber, radishes, etc to enhance the flavor.

roasted new potatoes recipe

Roasted New Potatoes
Roll new potatoes in olive oil, sprinkle with blend; roast in 350F oven until done.

grilled corn on the cob Recipe

Herbed Parmesan Corn on the Cob
Combine melted butter with blend & grated Parmesan cheese; brush on hot grilled corn.

fisherman's wharf tacos recipe

Go-To Seafood
Drizzle fresh lemon juice or olive oil on fish fillets; sprinkle with blend on both sides then bake, grill or broil.

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B. Will on 13/11/2017



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C. Amanda on 29/10/2017


Perfect addition to any seafood dish!

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H. Eugenia on 11/07/2017


I love this seasoning, I probably use it on chicken almost more then seafood, although I certainly use it on seafood. My favourite use now is to use it on chicken thighs that I cook in my air fryer. I debone the thighs and flatten them out a little and then separate the skin from 3 sides of the thigh. A quick spritz of the oil of your choice (olive, coconut, avocado) on the meat and sprinkle of seasoning, then lay the skin back over the meat to keep it moist. Another spritz and sprinkle and then if at all possible let the chicken thighs sit 15-30 minutes at room temp (I usually leave them prepped in the air fryer basket and rack) before cooking according to your fryer's directions. They come out deeply seasoned and with a skin that's so crispy its like a potato chip. Yum!

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C. Cynthia on 20/12/2016


This is probably the best seasoning blend I have ever tasted. Please, please, please bring back the large bottle.

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T. Tim on 05/07/2016


As a professional Chef, and a 45 year old lover of great food, I want to tell you all that Fisherman's Wharf is THE BEST! I don't know if it's the flaked salt or the dried green onions? Maybe it's the citrus!!? Right now I am using this on steaks, chicken, asparagus, fresh tomatoes, and All scrambled eggs that I make. So yes, I LOVE Fisherman's Wharf seasoning! Buy it. Try it. If you don't love it, you need to have your tastebuds checked.

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Ingredients: Salt, black pepper, dehydrated garlic, white onion, lemon peel, parsley, green peppercorn, green onion, and less than 2% soybean oil added as a processing aid.

Nutritional Info: Servings: About 106, Serv. Size: 1/4 tsp (0.8g), Amount per serving: Calories 0, Total Fat 0g (0%DV), Sodium 180mg (8%DV), Total Carb. 0g (0%DV), Protein 0g. Not a significant source of Sat. Fat, Trans Fat, Cholest., Fiber, Sugars, Added Sugars, Potassium, Vitamin D, Iron and Calcium.

Net Weight: 3oz (85g)