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Bustle selects Blockbuster Movie Night Popcorn Set for unique gift guide

Blockbuster movie night popcorn gift set

The holiday season has descended upon us and that means it’s time to shop for the ones we love. Whether you’re shopping for family, friends, or partners, you’ll find what you need right here with these 24 unique holiday gift ideas for everyone on your 2016 list. We were thrilled to be included on this list! Check out what Bustle said —

Urban Accents’ Blockbuster Movie Night Popcorn Set, $55, Urban Accents

Any film lover would appreciate this gift set filled with non-GMO popcorn kernels and natural seasonings. Each set includes white gold, ruby red, and tri-colored kernels, alongside a bounty of seasoning flavors like white cheddar, tangy dill pickle, kettlecorn, Sriracha, Asiago and cracked pepper, and buttery caramel.

Get the full list on Bustle here. 

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