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Urban Accents and Pre teamed up for an epic Memorial Day burger collaboration!

We are so excited to tell you about our recent collaboration with Chicago neighbors, Pre Beef! Pre is an ideal partner for us: their high-quality beef is irresistible, but it’s even better seasoned with our all-natural spice blends and sauces.

All of Pre’s 100% beef products – including juicy ground beef and exquisite steaks – are grass-fed and grass-finished which means they taste better and are better for you. Their beef comes from New Zealand and Australia where beef standards are high and pasture grazing weather is plentiful, but their headquarters is right here in Sweet Home Chicago.

This isn’t the first time Pre and Urban Accents have joined forces. Back in 2017, we teamed up to bring you easy recipes for a zesty Jalapeno Chili and ultra tender, spiced Za’taar Kabobs. In true neighborly fashion, they provided beef tenderloins (read: filet mignon!) for us to cook up Korean BBQ-style during our Global Taco Sauce launch party at Begyle Brewery.

This time around, we wanted to get you excited for summer grilling and show you two unforgettable burger ideas!

The first is inspired by a hometown classic: the Chicago-style Hot Dog. You know the one: an all beef dog nestled inside a steamed poppy seed bun and smeared and studded with seven traditional condiments and toppings: yellow mustard, green relish, chopped onion, sliced tomato, a pickle spear, sport peppers, and celery salt.

Chicago Style Hot Dog

Chicago style hot dogs – like much of what we know as ‘American’ cuisine – started with immigrants. In the late 1800s, immigrant hot dog vendors often doubled as produce stands. Each vendor served a different selection of fresh toppings to appeal to their neighborhood’s unique demographic, but the majestic seven-topping version we know today is a product of the Great Depression. Originally called the Depression Sandwich and served at a Jewish deli on Maxwell Street, it was designed to add bulk to an affordable, filling meal for out-of-work Chicagoans.

Our Chicago Style Hamburger keeps with tradition and calls for an all-beef patty made with Pre’s 85% lean ground beef seasoned with our very own hometown blend, Chicago Steak and Chop. This steakhouse-style seasoning is super savory boasting loads of garlic, onion, and black pepper with other spices including coriander, caraway, and dill seed in perfect balance. It’s chunky sea salt base and coarsely ground spices make it an ideal seasoning for ground beef.

Chicago Style Hamburger

We seared the burger in a cast iron skillet, but grilling would also be delicious. We layered it on a poppyseed roll with the traditional toppings using a cute little Chicago flag skewer to hold the briny pickle and spicy sport pepper on top. Full disclosure: we did skip the celery salt, but we used a bit of the Chicago Steak and Chop seasoning in it’s place. Who needs celery salt when you’ve got the perfect seasoning on hand?

Oh, and one short word on ketchup. Chicagoans don’t hate ketchup! We just don’t need it. Ketchup would overpower and mask the delicate balance of juicy beef, mustard tang, relishy sweet, sharp fresh vegetables, and briney sour.  Save the ketchup for the fries, and let the classic flavors of this hometown favorite shine for themselves.

Our second unforgettable burger is a tribute to our favorite New Orleans picnic sandwich, The Muffaletta. We’re guessing you may have seen someone promenading down Bourbon street with one of these layered, triangular sandwiches in one hand and a tall, red Hurricane drink in the other (it might have been one of us!). You see these beauties lining the window cases of every deli and bakery in the Quarter – and for good reason: they’re incredibly tasty!

Cajun Muffuletta Burger

Originated by an Italian immigrant in 1908 at Central Grocery, a muffaletta is layered into a round, sesame-topped Italian bread loaf using salami, ham, mortadella, swiss and provolone cheese and a thick layer of extra-oily olive salad. It’s then tightly wrapped in parchment paper and left to marinate for at least an hour before serving. You can buy them by the full round or by the half or quarter. It’s shape and wrapping make it the perfect French Quarter stolling food.

Our beefy nod to this unique sandwich starts with Pre Beef’s 85% Ground Patties. These ⅓ pound burger patties are pre-formed and come in a smart, air-tight package. They hold their shape beautifully while cooking, so instead of seasoning the inside, we generously coated the outside surfaces with Urban Accents Cajun Street Seasoning Blend. This blend is mixed with 20 – yes 20 – perfectly balanced spices. In the mix are the obvious flavors you’re looking for from a cajun seasoning: garlic and paprika and onion but it’s also loaded up authentic flavors like oregano, celery, mace, and nutmeg. It’s one of our deepest and most complex blends. We then sear the patty hard to blacken the spices in the same way you might blacken a piece of chicken or fish with cajun seasoning.

After it’s seared to a perfect medium, we layer it onto a sesame seed bun with homemade remoulade (spicy mayo sauce made with more Cajun Street Seasoning Blend), olive tapenade (heeeellloooo muffaletta), and topped the whole thing off with crispy, tangy fried pickles. That last element came to us in a flash of NOLA brilliance, and it really puts this burger recipe over the top.

Want even more inspiration?

See our Cajun Muffuletta Burger recipe step-by-step!

And check out these fun behind-the-scenes shots from our day of shooting in the Pre Kitchen! 

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