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seasoned sea salts
Urban Accents Seasoned Salts are combinations of Mediterranean Sea Salts infused with world flavors. Use them to layer flavors or as a finishing salt to enhance the favor of any dish.

Caribbean Peppered Seasoned Salt Ginger Szechwan Seasoned Salt Chateau Provence Seasoned Salt
ginger szechwan seasoned salt
our price: $7.50

A Caribbean cruise through your kitchen... Brings the exotic flavor of the Far East to any dish ... Aromatic and subtle addition to any dish ...
Spanish Smoked Seasoned Salt Isle of Capri Seasoned Salt Mango Masala Seasoned Salt
spanish smoked seasoned salt
our price: $7.50

isle of capri seasoned salt
our price: $7.50

mango masala seasoned salt
our price: $7.50

Sweet smoked paprika and garlic. . . Italian spices, Mediterranean Sea Salt and a bit of heat ... sofi award winner
Traditional Indian flavors enhanced with mango citrus...
Coarse Sea Salt
coarse sea salt
our price: $12.95
High-quality coarse sea salt harvested off the California coast...

Our best-selling finishing salts.