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grilling rubs
Meat, poultry, seafood and even veggies get a boost of flavor from our easy to use rubs. Just add a little oil or melted butter and sprinkle in goodness!

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Beef & Burger Rub Fish & Seafood Rub Chicken & Poultry Rub
beef and burger rub
our price: $4.00

fish and seafood rub
our price: $4.00

chicken and poultry rub
our price: $4.00

A barbecue's best friend...

Fresh flavor for your catch of the day... for people pleasin' poultry
Pork & Barbeque Rub Miso Salmon Grilling Rub Potlach Seafood Grilling Rub
pork & barbeque rub
our price: $4.00

miso salmon grilling rub
our price: $4.00

potlatch seafood grilling rub
our price: $4.00

A wonderful blend for the other white meat... Salmon on the menu... then this rub is for you...
A traditional seasoning from the Pacific Northwest... also delicious on meat and chicken!
African Peri Peri Grilling Rub Indian Tandoori Grilling Rub Lillie's Q BBQ CAROLINA Sauce
indian tandoori grilling rub
our price: $4.00

Firey, spicy heat for anything you grill.... yum!
Tandoori flavor for your grill... nothing's easier!
Western Carolina-style BBQ sauce with a tomato and vinegar base...
Lillie's Q BBQ HOT SMOKY Sauce Lillie's Q BBQ IVORY Sauce Memphis Style BBQ Grilling Rub
Smoky-sweet traditional Memphis-style slathering sauce...
Alabama-style BBQ sauce with a mayonnaise and vinegar base...
Memphis BBQ slow-roasted flavor with just a sprinkle...

Carolina Style BBQ Grilling Rub Thai Chili Style BBQ Grilling Rub Texas Style BBQ Grilling Rub
Adds the tangy mustard and vinegar Carolina BBQ flavor...

Looking for a big kick of heat... here it is!
Add the big, bold taste of Texas BBQ!