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Our most innovative line of seasonings- Urban Accent's DRYGLAZES are magical blends of sweet and savory spices that turn into a glaze on meat, fish or poultry.
They go on dry- turn into a rich beautiful roast- great for grilling or roasting.

Athenian Herb DRYGLAZE Cayman Citrus DRYGLAZE™ Mandarin Ginger DRYGLAZE
athenian herb dryglaze
Our Price: $4.50

cayman citrus dryglaze
Our Price: $4.50

mandarin ginger dryglaze
Our Price: $4.50

Explore the light and herby flavors of Mediterranean cuisine... Bring the spicy flavors of the Islands to your grill... This seasoning adds ginger and a bit of wasabi flavors... delicious!
Mumbai Honey Pepper DRYGLAZE™ Puebla Mole DRYGLAZE Santa Fe BBQ DRYGLAZE
mumbai honey pepper dryglaze
Our Price: $4.50

puebla mole dryglaze
Our Price: $4.50

santa fe bbq dryglaze
Our Price: $4.50

This seasoning is the perfect balance of sweet and fire for Middle Eastern recipes... Add the sweet heat of cocoa and chili to your dinner tonight! Take a culinary trip to the spicy Southwest...
Vermont Grill DRYGLAZE DRYGLAZE Assortment Pack
vermont grill dryglaze
Our Price: $4.50

Let the aroma a maple and sage fill your kitchen.... Experience all our sweet-heat grilling and roasting glazes...
Personalized spice blend