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pan asian
When the tastes of soy, ginger, and Chinese spices combine with Pineapple, Wasabi and Orange - the result is spectacular and simple Eastern delights in your own kitchen.

Miso Salmon Grilling Rub Mandarin Ginger DRYGLAZE Thai Chili Style BBQ Grilling Rub
miso salmon grilling rub
our price: $4.00

mandarin ginger dryglaze
our price: $4.50

Salmon on the menu... then this rub is for you...
This seasoning adds ginger and a bit of wasabi flavors... delicious!
Looking for a big kick of heat... here it is!
Thai Heat Stirfry Curry Row
thai heat stirfry
our price: $6.50

curry row
our price: $7.50

This Thai classic is great in marinades & as a roasting seasoning...
East meets West in this seasoning blend inspired by the British take on Indian curry.